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Welcome to the Voice of the Mummy, Seance, Microvision, and Dark Tower – Board Game – Contact Page

Feel free to email with any questions about these games.   I will be glad to help.   Complete repairs and game restorations are available to get your game back to you in excellent playing condition.   It’s very difficult to give estimates about repairs as the battery damage in some games can be severe.   The best thing to do is make arrangements to send it in for a better estimate.   I’ll usually get back to you the same day with an estimate.   Fill in the form below and I’ll get back as quick as possible.
**** As a reminder that sometimes my replies get trapped in junk mail folders. So, if you don’t hear from me right away, please check your junk mail folder. ***

Packing Instructions

Please follow these shipping instruction to ensure a safe delivery.
Mummy and Seance Record players: Please remove and keep any batteries.  Please send the record so it can be tested to check for severe scratches or needle dents from lid slams.  Remove and pack the record separately in a CD or DVD case or wrap in bubble wrap.  Then, place some bubble material inside the player so the tone arm doesn’t swing during shipment.  Wrap the player in bubble wrap and place in a box large enough to clear all sides.  A free USPS box of 12x8x6 is a very good size.   Please write FRAGILE on the box that will help it to have a better change for a safe delivery.
Dark Tower:  Place the tower in a large enough box with enough padding all around.

Send to:
Mummy Burbage
4 Dunbar Way
Sterling, VA 20165

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