Mummy Directions

Voice of the Mummy Directions – Print out these four pages in order. Use the Microsoft Photo Print Wizard to maintain print size.  right click on file and select print.  Print out page 1.  Feed this page back in to sheet feeder as it prints out. Print page 2. Print page 3 on a new sheet, then feed this printout back into sheet feeder as it prints out.  Print page 4. Place printed sheet one(Page numbers 8 and 1) on top of  two(page numbers 6 and 3),  fold in half.  Flip open stapler in tack down mode,  add staples at the fold(use a cushion) and hand bend staples closed.  Now you’ve created a stapled book in blue print.  These instructions were factory printed in black, blue or red. Download the zip file. Directions Sheets and Operation of the Record Player Special Sheet. Directions Sheets & Operation of the Record Player Sheet
Voice of the Mummy Game Description.  Modified from the Original.**************************************************
*** Game Description Under Box Top ****
************ Voice of the Mummy***********
****** The Game That Talks To You *******
This game is really different. It uses SOUND to direct the Explorers and control the strategy of play. The sound is produced by a record player hidden inside the mummy case. When an Explorer lands on certain spots, they must move a lever which starts the record. A mysterious voice speaks out a message telling the Explorer what they must do.

An Explorer never knows which message they will get at any one time as there are twenty different messages on EACH side of the record and ANY ONE may be spoken at ANY time. Some messages may help, while others may be harmful to the progress of the Explorer.

The game takes place in an ancient Pharoah’s Tomb which has a three level pathway scattered with jewels. Directed by the VOICE, the Explorers travel up the steps, collecting jewels, to be the first to arrive at the MUMMY to receive the GREAT JEWEL — but also the EVIL COBRA “SPELL”.

Once an Explorer gets the great jewel and the spell, the record is flipped over for more danger and excitement. Still controlled by the VOICE, Explorers, in a mad scramble to avoid the Explorer that is attempting to “GET RID OF THE SPELL”, try to get out of the Pharaoh’s Tomb with the most value of jewels to win the game.

Mummy Case Made in West Germany.

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