Mummy Parts and Repair

Voice of the Mummy and Seance Parts

Trying to troubleshoot the many problems with these players can be frustrating and time consuming. You could damage the player in the process. If your not sure how to replace these parts, please send the unit to me for a free estimate.  The price listed here includes installation.  So buy the parts and the install is free.

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Common Repair Costs for the 2 Record Player Types.

This is a general pricing guide for the repairs. The Made in West Germany Players require a new turntable speed controller, a new turntable motor plus the 3 metal contacts removed, cleaned and bent into correct shape and installed at $75 plus shipping back to you.  Other service and parts may be required as described below.

The Made in USA players, used in the 2nd generation Voice of the Mummy Game and the 1972 Seance Game will need a new turntable motor which plus the 3 metal contacts removed, cleaned and bent into correct shape at $50 plus shipping back to you.


Click here to see the 2 different Record Player Types.

The 2nd generation Voice of the Mummy Record Player and the Seance Record Player share the exact same base half.



Record Needles


Don’t allow the lid to SLAM shut against the player case. This is what causes the needles to break! The tone arm with needle will smack the record. This can break the needle and gouge the record causing it to skip.


Beware! The mutilated mummy doesn’t like to be bumped during play!

He will let you know by sounding out,  “eerrrch” and scratch your record.


After play and storage, use a small piece of bubble wrap or something equivalent in the player case so the tone arm can’t slip back and forth during handling! Or use my black foam arrow shaped tone arm stop for storage or shipping.


The next slide are two handmade sapphire tipped needles in white.  The white needles also work on the Milton Bradley Seance Board Game.


Need a new needle? Send that broken needle to me.  I’ll send you a replacement.

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Removing the Record Needle

To remove the needle, use your finger nails behind the needle. With your other hand use your thumb against the tone arm to keep it in place. Then,  gently give a slight twist and use leverage from your finger tips to pull out the needle.  Don’t just yank on it spanky! The tone arm will pop off of the holder below.

Be careful, don’t loose it! It’s very small at 8MM.


To install the needle push in holding the outside of the needle and give it a slight twist to seat properly.  The needle shaft and needle hole in the tone arm are tapered for a friction fit.  Yes, I did measure it with a Digital Fractional Caliper.


Need a new needle? Send that broken needle to me.  I’ll send you a replacement.

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Mummy Turntable Motor

Speed Controllers

View the slideshow. Use manual control also.

Right Click on the Slideshow and Zoom in to look closer —>


Here is the original turntable motor speed controller.  It rotates and looks fine from the top and bottom.  The failure lies inside the potentiometer.  One or more problems can occur.  Where the copper contact swipe touches the carbon film, it can be corroded or bent out of shape and fails to make contact.  The carbon resistive material can be defective and have an excessively high and non linear resistance needed to control the turntable motor speed.   The non linear resistance will have the too fast/too slow knob tweaking.  Then if the resistance is just too high,  the motor will not turn no matter what.


The symptoms are dead or hot spots -ie the voice is too slow and then if you slightly rotate the knob CW then it plays too fast or just nothing at all.  It just needs to be replaced.  Units that claim to have original parts will not work consistently and will require constant turning or tweaking of the knob to play at the correct speed.  The stats are only one that I’ve seen has ever operated correctly.


The slideshow shows what the inside of the stock speed controller looks like. The carbon resistive material is corroded and/or out of tolerance.  The copper wipe connected to the shaft is turning green.  This was an attempt for a game company to create a inexpensive part and it is #1 on the failure list.


The speed controllers are replaced with better than factory results.  For the repair, the old part is replaced with an heavy duty electronics grade part.  Then the original tan shaft is cut off to reattach to the new speed controller shaft.  This looks factory original and controls speed very precisely.  The control of the turntable motor speed works as it should!  As the battery becomes depleted you make small adjustments to the knob.  This will keep the voice at the correct pitch!  The unit looks as factory original as possible when completed.


Check out this page for the final story

on the failing original turntable motor speed controller parts.


Need a new speed controller?

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Battery Corrosion

Believe it or not this battery mess can be cleaned up!


Replace these battery terminals and then it’s back in the game!  Don’t throw these away.  Send it to me!  All this corrosion is from the old leaky “D” batteries of the 70’s.  The leaking corrosion of potassium hydroxide, would oooze out of the player case, disolve and creap up the copper metal, stain the foam staircase and often times leak so much that it started to dissolve the paper box.


That’s were those nasty brown stains came from!


Click here to see a few different players that needed some

serious work.  All done, and they look as good as new!

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Lid Close and

End Message Switches


LCEM (El Sem) Switches. These 2 small switches need to be completely

cleaned and properly bent for the unit to operate correctly.


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Record Disc Repairs


These little records are tough!


I have seen several that have severe scratches play just fine.  Just recently, I had a unit receive heavy damage during shipping and it is almost cracked in 2 pieces.  None of the tracks were disturbed and the disc works fine with all tracks on both sides.  A small amount of supporting glue was added.


If you do have a record that constantly skips on certain tracks,

I can repair these deep gouges.


Send it to me and I’ll repair it and send it back quickly.



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Turntable Motors

Motors are available now for both players!

Motors are available for the Made in West Germany players which is used on the 1st Generation Voice of the Mummy game and the Made in USA players which are used on the 2nd generation Voice of the Mummy games and the 1972 Seance Games.  The slideshow has several examples of damaged motors from the leaking batteries.


Click here to see slideshows of each of the different players. Made in USA or Made in West Germany.


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Turntable Motor

Brass Belt Pulley


Handmade Brass Pulley used on both the

Made in USA and the Made in West Germany Players.


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Turntable Belts


Here is a turntable belt that was attached for years to the motor pulley.  The bump is visible on the right.  This bump will make the messages sound noticibly “warbled” as the bump spins around the motor pulley. This problem is attributed to the belt drying out from age.  It may also have visible cracks near the bump also to identifiy that it is dry and no longer suptle. The belt will no longer grip the motor brass pully and turntable consistently.


Don’t oil the belts, they will slip on the pulley and turntable.  When the lid is closed and the needle touches the record. It may either not play or you can’t control the speed correctly.  The voice message will start out low and slow then speed up through the message.  Clean and dry the belt, motor pully and turntable belt slot.


I strongly recommend that if you put the game away for a while to pop off the belt from the motor.  It will keep it’s shape and not develop that pulley “bump”. This will ensure you smooth message playback in the future.

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Other Repairs


Player Repaint:

There are many other repairs that I can perform as well. Some players have had paint damage from battery corrosion or the factory applied the gold paint with a very poor technique. I can touchup the paint or remove and repaint using the factory technique. The slideshow has a example where an extra step was taken and the face was painted in. I used the Egyptian King Tut Burial mask as a guide.


Wobbly Turntable or Record Scrapes When it Turns:

Some units have had the brown turntable shaft support break underneath. It shows a hairline visible crack. That can be repaired. The symptoms are that the turntable scrapes and you can see it wobble when played. You can see this by pressing down on the lid switch lightly and watching the turntable rotate. The message playback varies in pitch or sounds warbly or warblish as it plays and also the turntable with shaft pops out easily. I have also replaced the turntable shaft cap, if yours is missing.


Unit does not play next message:

Another problem I have seen are the reset message lever fails to start a new message. The symtoms are that the unit will play the first message when you close the lid but when you press the next message lever, you don’t hear the needle move back to the start position. It fails to play the next message. So then the user always has to open the lid and let the needle fall back in place then close the lid, to play the next message. This is caused by a message reset lever cam that has become unglued/lost and needs to be replaced. I recreate these by hand and retest thoroughly!


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