Add some comments here about your memories with…

Add some comments here about your memories with your favorite game.


  1. My brother and I used to enjoy playing VOM! I don’t know how the voice record player broke but it was our favorite game. There was something slightly creepy about the sound of the mummy that made it extra fun to play. Sometimes we just kept pressing the lever to hear it talk.

  2. Rich, I can’t thank you enough for making my brother’s birthday such a memorable occasion! We celebrated this weekend and he was very touched that he once again had a working VOM, his favorite. I’ve had two units repaired by you now, and both are beyond amazing in how they function and still look so original. It was at least 40 years since we had last played, and oh the memories it brought back, priceless. Well done!

  3. After 35 years I am now able to enjoy this classic game thanks to your high quality of work. Your personable communication and professionalism made this experience wonderful! Businesses and youth today should take a page out of your book on how to get things done.
    Truly appreciated working with you and am planning to surprise my sister with the completely restored game as it was her favorite when we were kids. Time to steal her jewels all over again! Hopefully she will still get as frustrated… Ahh, the memories… 🙂

  4. I remember playing Voice of the Mummy with my sister at Christmas time when I was 8 or 9 years old….we played it by the light of the Christmas tree and I recall it was so scary but so much fun. I miss those care free days of simple pleasure and Christmas. Thanks to your recordings of the game I can relive a bit of it…..Some time when I have enough spare money I want to buy a full game and visit my sister at Christmas with it and play like the old days. Thanks man, your a hero to me!

  5. I remember it was 1981 and I stumbled across VOTM in a dusty corner of a Salvation Army store. I was 7 years old. I brought it home and could not stop playing it. I played this with various friends well into high school. When I left for college I gave it to my best friend as a gift. By then it was starting to have issues with play speed and sound clarity. I think he still kept it another 10 years before finally giving it away to someone who could repair it. To this day I believe that simple game did more to drive my interest in egyptology and anthropology than anything else. It’s amazing how such a simple find at a thrift store could have such a profound impact on a boys life, and give so many years of enjoyment.

  6. Thank you so much for this wonderful website. I wrote my own blog about the strange games of the 1970’s growing up. And I must tell you, your work is incredible with restoring this game. I wishI had saved my game (and others) but heck, I was a kid after all. I downloaded the sounds you recorded in mp3, and as soon as I started to listen to them, I was instantly transported to my childhood, taking the record out and playing it on my record player. Again, thank you for this trip in time and memories….

  7. Just received the “NEW PRECIOUS JEWELS”, they are “EXCELLENT” !!!! Thank You “George”

  8. I cannot express to you the joy I felt upon hearing the mummy speak clearly. My childish heart thanks you. I have set up the game as a display in my family room. The jewels and the playing figures look wonderful. My sincerest thanks for your time and dedication to this game. Lisa

  9. I got a Voice of the Mummy game for Christmas is 1971. I really liked it, but it creeped me out big time. For a 6 year old, the mummy was really scary. I remember the one clip on the recording about “Have you ever tasted blood?” and that freaked all of us out. We use to argue over whether that meant YOUR blood, as in if you bit your lip, or SOMEONE ELSE’S blood, which was far creepier. We played it a lot, and it started my interest in things Egyptian. I went to the Field museum in Chicago in 1977 to see the Treasures of Tutankhamen, and was hooked. The artifacts were SO amazing. To look at the actual funeral mask of King Tut was one of the most important moments in my life. Since then I have visited many museums that have substantial Egyptian artifact collections, from the British Museum, to the Rosicrucian Egyptian museum in San Jose. I also greatly enjoyed the historical fiction of Wilbur Smith (River God and Seventh Scroll, NOT his later books) about Egypt. I also often stay at the Luxor when in Las Vegas. I am fascinated by the culture, the history, and the fact that it all just disappeared in a relatively short period of time. I have never visited Egypt, as the Egypt I want to see ended 3000 years ago. Do not need the hassle of modern day Egypt, especially now. Anyway, back to the game; I came across a 1971 Sears Wishbook catalog the other day, and the Voice of the Mummy game was advertised in one of the front sections. I was telling my girlfriend about how cool it was, and thought I would see if I could find one. This lead me to your site. Listening to the clips brought back tons of memories, and I knew I had to have one. Having a restored, working, complete game from my childhood was too much to resist. So, that is my story. I can’t wait to play it again. Thanks for keeping this cool game alive. Dale

  10. I have wonderful memories of playing this game with the family when I was a young girl. I know it’s alot of money to spend for a family memory, but now I can play it with my kids. I am so excited to find this game.I am going to take it to our family Christmas and surprise my mom and dad, brother and sister, and play the game again with them. A blast from the past! Thank you!

  11. You have restored that which is precious to all followers. A thousand blessings on you!! Let no one doubt your abilities! May all who read this seek your guidance. This is a great race/chase type game. It’s as much fun to play today as when we were kids! The randomness from the mummy’s directions keep it changing, giving luck and skill equal chances.

  12. Howdy all! I love VOM it is the best board game I have EVER played! Mine was lost back in the 70’s during a flood to my home. So, fast forward to the present and thanks to Ebay I found one, but it stopped working after few months of playing. Happily, I found Senor Richards’ website and all was fixed! I highly recommend him to anyone needing help with their game. Thanks amigo!

  13. My husband would tell me about this awesome game he used to play with his parents as a child. He described the Mummy case and the spooky voice coming out that gave him goosebumps. It took him forever to remember the name of the game. So, 5 years ago I found one online that was complete, but the record player needed repairing. I had no idea how to get it fixed, but my husband was very excited to have the game. So, 5 years, it was still in the box in the closet broken. Then my Mother in law shows up this Christmas with a “family gift”. Low and behold, another Voice of the Mummy game with broken record player! However, she had a lead on “a guy that fixes these things” Well, we just enjoyed playing this game with our daughter this weekend, and we can’t get enough! We now have two PERFECT working Voice of the Mummy Games! Thanks to Richard and his lightning fast and professional work, we were playing within a week of mailing them out to him. Thanks Richard! You’re awesome!Dawn P.

  14. I first played VOM shortly after it came out at a friend’s house. He had 4 siblings, so the game did not last very long but the memories did. I now have little kids that I wanted to share the memory with. Thanks to Richard helping me to keep it running, the memory and the mummy are alive.

  15. I have memories of it being played at a Xmas party around ’72, lots of kids (mainly girls) huddled around it, could hardly make out the sounds it emitted, mummy lid being slammed shut and exitedly played (the thought makes me shudder- bought a copy off Richard, it’s now handled like a museum piece). Shugged, and went off for more boyish pursuits. Feel now that I missed out- what a game!! Remember it in stores- the fantasic box art made it stand out- AGAIN I missed out! It took the entreaties of my brother and the knock out sounds of this site to finally hunt for this game. Thanks Richard what a great restoration of a true treasure. And a pleasure doing business with you.


  17. I still have my VOM minus record, you would have to say I played it when it first came out iin the early seventies. I just wish Milton Bradley would release a computerized edition, I contacted MB but of course got a "perfunktory" thank you e-mail. SO much more can be done with modern tech. Oh and thank you for the sounds of the game it must be 30 years since i heard them, it brought back many memories

  18. My first game was played at around 1973 with a neighbor and my younger brother. We played it a few times but I clearly remember having problems with the player working consistently! So, here is how I started the website. I looked on Ebay and wondered if I could find a copy of the game. I picked a few up broken and started tinkering. Being involved with electronics and computers I figured out just about every problem these players can have! Lots of fun, it’s been. I can’t wait until my kids get old enough to play it. Rich Burbage

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