1975-76 Ideal Sky Battle

Ideal 1975 US – Ideal 1975 UK

Sky Battle Game

I picked up these games recently.  Too cool.  The unit from the US needs the labels on the Fokker replaced.  They were added somewhere in time without the white background.  The Ideal set made in the UK is really broken up. Not knowing how the planes pieces went together I put the UK set together and now realized that the colored parts were installed on the wrong planes.  I’ve fixed that now.  The set is also completely missing control parts to one shooter and the other is snapped off at the end.  The prop is also missing a chunk from the Sopwith.  So I will be spending some serious time rebuilding these broken parts from scratch.  I’ll update as I go.  Here are the instructions scanned in if yours are missing. Sky Battle Instructions

 Ideal 1975 US EditionIdeal 1975 UK Edition
Ok, who puts these decals on??
This is the correct decal set.

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