1979-82 Milton Bradley Microvision Game System

Huges Aircraft HLCD0488 Datecode 8041 - 1980 41st week - Oct 12-18th
– Huges Aircraft LCD – HLCD0488 – Datecode 8041 –
– 1980 41st week – 1980 Oct 12-18th –

Replacement LCD display driver chips are available $25 each. If your having problems with the LCD display with random blocks on power up. I would recommend sending in your MV for diagnosis and install.

The Microvision Standard Replacement LCDs are 🔥IN STOCK🔥 and ready to ship out.

The Backlit LCD Kits are 😱OUT OF STOCK😱.

The checkout page is setup through PayPal. All credit cards and PayPal are accepted. You do not have to have a PayPal account. You can change quantities in the checkout page. You have buyer protection purchasing on PayPal.

Both install guides mention adding thin painters tape strips to compensate for LCD tray warpage. The tape will eliminate display issues. The display issues are missing lines, flickering lines in the display. There are pics and tips in both on how to deal with it. Presoak the original LCD zebra connectors with a Q-tip soaked in alcohol before removing it. This protects the carbon conductive coating on the silicone zebra connectors.

LCD install guides:

NEW LCD Install notes

Currently, there are 2 purchasing options. Replacement LCD and LCD with install.

The Backlit LCD kit and Backlit kit w/install are out of stock.

The Install Option is to send the MV unit to me to perform the install. I can check on other items also like cleaning and polishing the battery contacts and solder the battery contacts to the board on the early units. The later MV units were soldered on. This also includes cleaning and adjusting the paddle wheel (potentiometer) with adding new switch lubricant impregnated with graphite and cleaning the power switch if needed.

MV Burbage
4 Dunbar Way
Sterling, VA 20165

These will be shipped first class with tracking in a small padded box at $5.95 for one or many. A faster 2-3 Day USPS Priority Mail can be an option for many. The LCDs are quite durable. The operating temperature is -20C +70C.

INTERNATIONAL PURCHASES: Please purchase below in PayPal links below

OUT OF STOCK Microvision LCD Display. $45.99
OUT OF STOCK - Microvision Backlit LCD Display.$36.99
OUT OF STOCK Microvision LCD Display with Installation.  You will need to send in your MV unit.$49.99
OUT OF STOCK -Microvision Backlit LCD Display Kit with Installation.  You will need to send in your MV unit.$44.99

Latest News with Gary Gnu

03-19-2022 😭😱The New Backlit LCDs Kits are OUT OF STOCK. Order date is still being determined.

03-25-2021 The New Backlit LCDs Kits have arrived. Shipments will begin 03-29

03-02-2021 DUE TO THE CHINESE NEW YEAR CELEBRATION, BACKLIT KIT PRODUCTION AND SHIPMENTS ARE DELAYED.  Both the 2nd and 3rd batches will be begin shipping out 04-05.

01-15-2021 All of the LCD’s have been shipped out. Check PayPal or eBay tracking messages for delivery date. These LCDs have gone to several locations out of the states, Canada, Hungary, UK, Israel, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Denmark, Russia, Australia, Mexico. It’s a world wide event!! 👊😎

01-04-2021 A new batch of backlit LCDs kits are on order. These will arrive the end of February or first week of March 2021. These are available in PayPal and eBay as PREORDER.

12-30-2020 The NEW LCD’s are scheduled to arrive 01-04-21.   A little earlier than expected. 🥳 Once they are checked out, shipments should start in order purchased the week of 01-11.  📦 The new LCD’s will be packed in a durable 6x4x4 box.  This should make sure they get there without any damage.  The LCD’s are rated at -20C to 70C. 🌡 USPS is working on a severe backlog of packages.  Sending these first class trackable shipments could take some time.  I have several 🎅🎁🎄 game shipments from 12-09 and they are still undelivered, stuck in distribution. ITMT, I’ve been working on the NEW LCD and Backlit LCD install procedures.  Hope to publish those pages soon here. Best wishes on the upcoming NEW Year! 🥂

12-27-2020 The Microvision Backlight Kits PREORDER are SOLD OUT. These kits include a new Transmissive LCD, backlight unit and a custom zebra connector. The transmissive type is specifically made for backlighting. The install includes soldering two wires to power the backlighting unit. This unit will have the current drop resistor installed on the black lead. See the pics below.

12-22-2020 The production LCD units are being packed at the factory for shipment.  Scheduled delivery is still mid January.  Once they are delivered,  a small group will be checked out thoroughly.  Then the orders will be filled.  Before each unit is packed for shipment, each unit will undergo a quick check in the test jig.  Stay tuned.

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